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In my sales role, I need to keep up with the latest technologies that are being deployed in the cloud, so it’s exciting to learn something new almost every day.




A Dynamic Team Offering a Premier Service


At UnitedLayer, we view Hybrid Hosting as the backbone of business for many of our clients, and we don't take that responsibility lightly.

We provide the best in highly customized Private Clouds, Hybrid Hosting solutions, Colocation and Disaster Recovery solutions. Our customers have come to rely on us for comprehensive support and unfailing hosting solutions designed to work for them - whether they are a major conglomerate or a fresh new startup. The expertise and skills of our team allows us to provide enterprises, SMBs, government agencies and startups alike with the agility that only Hybrid Hosting can provide.


Develop Your Skills and Grow Your Career

With a career at UnitedLayer, you'll work with industry experts at our headquarters in San Francisco - one of the most networked points of presence in the world.

Our team enjoys a fast-paced environment with lots of opportunities to challenge themselves and gain valuable new insight into Cloud technologies. You'll get more than just a paycheck here; you'll get on the job training, real world experience and the satisfaction that you're helping design and deliver solutions that make a difference for our clients.


First Class Technologies in an Innovative Workplace

A career at UnitedLayer puts you at the forefront of innovation in technology - you'll work with a savvy team in one of the most networked cities in the world.

A recent study by GEN named San Francisco one of the top ten tech hotspots in the country, with 23% of all technology industry jobs in California located right here. Our headquarters in the City by the Bay are the heart and soul of our business, where we operate a dual-stacked, high-performance, nationwide IPv4/IPv6 network backbone. Our customers rely on us to take on new networking challenges daily, so you'll never find your work getting stale. We pride ourselves on an environment that fosters innovation and encourages creativity.


An All-Star Clientele

UnitedLayer boasts a stellar reputation in the Hybrid Hosting community, and we're proud to count both groundbreaking startups and major corporate players among our loyal customers.

You're going places, and you want to work with others as motivated and energetic as you. Join our team and work with the likes of Wikipedia, Exploratorium and the City of San Francisco. Check out testimonials from just a few of our clients and get to know the diverse marketplaces you'll be engaged in with a career at UnitedLayer. If you're ready to make a difference on the global stage, you'll find our chance here.


Ready to make a difference in the world of Hybrid Hosting? You're ready for a career at UnitedLayer. Get in touch with us today.




It’s exciting being in a marketplace that is exploding. This reminds me of 10 years ago when people we’re considering outsourcing their PBX solutions.



Why I Love Working at UnitedLayer


For over 13 years, UnitedLayer has provided customers with secure, enterprise-grade cloud, disaster recovery, and colocation solutions. As your trusted hybrid hosting expert, we strive to build long- lasting relationships with our customers and look forward to doing so for many years to come. Here we introduce you to members of the UnitedLayer team. You may recognize their name, and you may have talked to them on the phone - we hope that this will put a face to the name or that friendly voice.


Jake Becker - Systems Administrator

You may have talked to Jake when you called in with a question about your system. We asked Jake a few questions about what he does at UnitedLayer.


Q. What do you do for UnitedLayer?

A. I watch over our customers’ systems to make sure that everything is running as it should. It’s a lot of replacing hard drives as well as answering any questions our customers have.


Q. Why do you love your job?

A.The people here are great. The employees mesh together well which makes my job easier, especially when I need some help on a project.


Q. What is your proudest moment in helping out a customer or partner (don't be modest!)

A. I think there’s a moment after every turn-up (big or small) where I feel good about what I’ve done. It's a good feeling to think that people around the world will be using systems that I have helped to put together and maintain.


Q. What makes you most excited about the future with UL?

A. We’re going through a period where there are new projects every day which means whatever happens, I won't find myself getting bored at UL.


Saad Saleem - Director of Customer Engineering & Sales


Q. What do you do for UnitedLayer?

A. I manage Customer Engineering which includes Sales Engineering and Service Delivery.


Q. Why do you love your job?

A. The enthusiasm and can-do attitude of our teams across the board make it really fun to design and deliver innovative solutions to business problems.


Q. What is your proudest moment in helping out a customer or partner (don't be modest!)

A. The opportunity to design and deliver solutions for one of our customers that enabled them to gain the two largest energy companies in the world as their hosted customers.


Q. What makes you most excited about the future with UL?

A. The ability to have our team members integrate into the IT team of our customers to continuously provide needle-moving business value by delivering innovative technical problem solving.





Every opportunity is unique. With UnitedLayer, because we customize our designs, there are many options our prospects have to choose from. Once we complete a ‘white-board’ session, our clients often say, ‘wow, I’m glad we met, I’d not thought of it that way before.




Headquartered in San Francisco, California - one of the most networked Internet points of presence in the world - UnitedLayer provides its customers with Hybrid Cloud Hosting Expertise, offering colocation, managed services, public and private clouds and business continuity solutions.



  • San Francisco Data Center
       200 Paul Ave Suite 110 (HQ)
       San Francisco, CA 94124
  • Los Angeles Data Center
       530 West 6th Street
       Los Angeles, CA 90014
  • Las Vegas Data Center
       7135 S. Decatur Blvd
       Las Vegas, NV, 89118

  • Ashburn Data Center
       21715 Filigree Court
       Ashburn, VA, 20147
  • Toronto Data Center
       27 Buttermill Avenue
       Vaughan, ON Canada,
       L4K 3X1
  • Vancouver Data Center
       555 West Hastings Street
       Vancouver, BC, Canada,
       V6B 4N6