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Public Cloud (UnitedCloud)

Open, Secure, Enterprise-grade and (Best of All) Contract-Free


The UnitedCloud is a public cloud that offers the ultimate level of scalability, with on-demand resources from a shared pool available at your fingertips. Built on VMware vSphere 5, UnitedCloud is ideal for companies who want to utilize the public cloud to streamline their operations with enterprise-level scalability, SAN-based storage, and lighting-fast performance.



With Flash-acceleration, you can count on high performance and reliability, as well as enterprise-grade features regardless of your company size.



Standard security features in DoS protection, two-factor authentication, local firewalls, and hardened operating systems. If you have additional security needs, you can also sign up for log monitoring and host-based IDS.

Hybrid Cloud


Built on VMware, this means that customers who have existing VMware deployments can seamlessly integrate their on-premise infrastructure with their public cloud deployment from UnitedLayer. With this technology, you can easily move resources between multiple servers, all from a single interface.


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Combine the Advantages


Adopt Both a UnitedLayer Private Cloud and Public Cloud


Inexpensive Setup
Self-Service and Self-Provisioned
Metered Usage

Ultimate Scalability
High Availability
Multiple Data Center Geographies

SSAE-16 Certification
24x7x365 Expert Support




Performance Oriented Networking


With four distinct L2 networks, your traffic is isolated for security and performance, with separate channels for Public, Private, Storage, and Management traffic. Our public cloud solution doesn’t use NAT (network address translation) by default on server interfaces, allowing for enhanced performance and lower latency. Additionally, all VM interfaces are dual stacked with IPv6.


Private Cloud-Like Networking


Our public cloud servers are set up like private clouds in that users have the ability to use contiguous IPv4/IPv6 subnets spanning multiple cloud instances. This allows you to add VMs to an existing subnet or VLAN instantly, streamlining your management process. By skipping the process of reconfiguring security policies each time you add a VM, you gain a more robust security implementation with traditional subnet-based partitioning of workloads.


High Performance Storage


Storage features with our public cloud solution come with Flash-acceleration at the SAN for both read and write operations, as well as over 50,000 random IOPS per VM.


Emphasis on Compliance


Meeting compliance regulations can be an unbelievable headache. With SSAE-16 certification and a robust infrastructure that’s regularly audited, we have the unique ability to assist any of our customers achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance if needed.

PCI & HIPAA Compliance





UnitedLayer Offers Different Cloud Deployments for Diverse Levels of Requirements



Public Cloud - UnitedCloud

UnitedCloud (Public Cloud)

On-demand and self-provisioned VMware-based servers with built-in security and high performance storage.


United Private Cloud

Private Cloud

A single tenant infrastructure with dedicated resources for heightened security and increased performance.


Hybrid Cloud

United Hybrid Cloud

Tailored to companies that have a unique sets of needs or that need to connect disparate infrastructure types.


Cloud Managed Services

Managed Services

Need help? UnitedLayer provides a hands-on consultative approach to finding the best Cloud services for you.


VMware vCloud

VMware vCloud

Are you a VMware shop? Have an on-premise VMware cloud? Don't throw away your investment - connect to it!






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Headquartered in San Francisco, California - one of the most networked Internet points of presence in the world - UnitedLayer provides its customers with Hybrid Cloud Hosting Expertise, offering colocation, managed services, public and private clouds and business continuity solutions.



  • San Francisco Data Center
       200 Paul Ave Suite 110 (HQ)
       San Francisco, CA 94124
  • Los Angeles Data Center
       530 West 6th Street
       Los Angeles, CA 90014
  • Las Vegas Data Center
       7135 S. Decatur Blvd
       Las Vegas, NV, 89118

  • Ashburn Data Center
       21715 Filigree Court
       Ashburn, VA, 20147
  • Toronto Data Center
       27 Buttermill Avenue
       Vaughan, ON Canada,
       L4K 3X1
  • Vancouver Data Center
       555 West Hastings Street
       Vancouver, BC, Canada,
       V6B 4N6