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Hybrid Hosting for One Infrastructure


Breaking the barriers between the Old Fashioned and the Nouveau Hype


Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid Hosting management breaks down the barriers between what is considered the "legacy old fashioned IT" (such as colocation and on-premise servers) and the trendy newfangled model of today (cloud, cloud, and more cloud) in order to support a comprehensive IT infrastructure that can talk as "one". One network, shared IP address, one set of load balancer and firewalls and one SLA. ONE INFRASTRUCTURE for business agility to be proactive to business change.


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A Deep Skill Set is Necessary


Creating a true Hybrid Cloud requires expertise in networking, storage and compute, security, virtualization, operating systems, different application levels and different software solutions.

Add 24/7 support, data centre expertise and knowledge of High Availability systems with highly qualified engineers who can solve issues that can happen at a moments notice. The ability to bring all of these sets of the expertise, the people, the technology, and security solutions together is what makes UnitedLayer stand out.



You May Have Some Of These Unique Hybrid IT Dilemmas. We Can Help.



Specialty / Custom Hardware


You may have a server or a piece of hardware that can't be put in the cloud. For example, a large database that needs dedicated resources but can be connected to web front-ends and application servers that sit in the cloud.


High Availability / Disaster Recovery


You need a solid, high availability and disaster recovery solution. You can keep your production environment on-premise, while keeping a recovery environment in a UnitedLayer private cloud. If disaster strikes, your business is protected.


Fixed Resources With On-Demand Scaling


Your application has regular workloads but it needs the ability to deal with unexpected spikes in traffic. A large portion of your infrastructure is committed for the long-term in a Private Cloud. But when needed, scale up quickly, leveraging a highly secured enterprise Public Cloud.


Security and Compliance


In highly regulated industries, you'll need to maintain strict privacy and security standards. You may have encryption 'black boxes' that only come as hardware. These black boxes could sit in on-premise or in colocation while everything else is placed strategically in a Public Cloud for supporting highly elastic workloads.



Application Optimization by Tiers


Your want to benefit from the advantages of virtualization on certain tiers of your application stack, but need the horsepower for your database that only high-powered physical servers can deliver.




San Francisco Exploratorium: Changing The Way Science Is Taught

When A Website Means So Much More


The Exploratorium started off with UnitedLayer as a colocation custom but very quickly realized that they could benefit from UnitedLayer's expertise systems, networking and storage solutions.

UnitedLayer architected a VMware Private Cloud that was securely connected to their colocation and on-premise infrastructure with both dedicated and virtual resources.

This infrastructure serves as a production, QA, their infrastructure, along with the ability to provide disaster recovery and business continuity for their main museum operations.

The Exploratorium has over a dozen micro-sites, over 50,000 web pages, terabytes of high quality content and amazing scientific educational videos.

The infrastructure has been used to host world-wide online events. UnitedLayer helps manage a complex hybrid-cloud solution that includes colocation, private cloud, managed networking, secure connectivity, and automatic provisioning, unified infrastructure, and the ability to migrate across different pieces of infrastructure.

We know that the Exploratorium operates with 100% confidence in its IT infrastructure to be the best museum in the world.




Plan for Today, But Grow For Tomorrow

IT Infrastructure Options for Your Organization's Hybrid Hosting


On-Premise Cloud


Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Disaster Recovery


Choosing a Hybrid Cloud hosting provider that has years of expertise in Hybrid Hosting could be the single most important decision you'll make. 
It means that you will never be locked into one type of IT infrastructure.


Rebuilding your IT Enterprise with UnitedLayer



Key Benefits of United Hybrid Hosting


High Availability
SSD/Flash-Accelerated SAN and SAN Backups
High Performance Networking
Resource and Uptime Monitoring

Firewall and Load Balancer Options
Multiple Data Center Geographies
SSAE-16, PCI and HIPAA Compliance-Enabled
24x7x365 Expert Support


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UnitedLayer Offers Different Cloud Deployments for Diverse Levels of Requirements



Public Cloud - UnitedCloud

UnitedCloud (Public Cloud)

On-demand and self-provisioned VMware-based servers with built-in security and high performance storage.


United Private Cloud

Private Cloud

A single tenant infrastructure with dedicated resources for heightened security and increased performance.


Hybrid Cloud

United Hybrid Cloud

Tailored to companies that have a unique sets of needs or that need to connect disparate infrastructure types.


Cloud Managed Services

Managed Services

Need help? UnitedLayer provides a hands-on consultative approach to finding the best Cloud services for you.


VMware vCloud

VMware vCloud

Are you a VMware shop? Have an on-premise VMware cloud? Don't throw away your investment - connect to it!






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Headquartered in San Francisco, California - one of the most networked Internet points of presence in the world - UnitedLayer provides its customers with Hybrid Cloud Hosting Expertise, offering colocation, managed services, public and private clouds and business continuity solutions.



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