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Our Infrastructure


Colocation enables you to instantly offload some IT responsibilities, while still maintaining the level of access, control, and security of an infrastructure that resides entirely on-premise. By partnering with an experienced hosting provider with an established track record, you can broaden your IT strategy and house your network in sophisticated data centres with the highest levels of redundancy, security, and operational reliability.



Our data centers have the highest levels of infrastructure redundancy, security, and operational reliability, guaranteeing you industry-leading uptime and extreme connectivity. Additionally, our expert staff provides around-the-clock remote smart hands support.



Your data is secure within the walls of any of our data centers, which employ a five-point security system, including biometric access so you can be assured the only people touching your equipment have been fully vetted and authorized. For example, our San Francisco facility is built on bedrock and holds emergency fuel contracts to guarantee your data’s protection in the case of any natural disasters.



With hybrid service models, you have access to an expansive set of solutions you can utilize to protect your IT infrastructure with one complete solution, including a suite of fully managed services.

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Our Competitive Edge


24x7x365 On-Site Support
Earthquake Readiness

Tier 3 Data Centers
Carrier Neutral Connections

The Option to have it Fully Managed
High Density Racks

Extreme Connectivity
Cloud Burst Capable Setups



Emphasis on Compliance

Meeting compliance regulations can be an unbelievable headache. With SSAE-16 certification and a robust infrastructure that’s regularly audited, we have the unique ability to assist any of our customers achieve PCI and HIPAA compliance if needed.



The San Francisco Data Center is one of the most secure and connected in the world


Situated on bedrock, with Zone 4 construction and avoiding any flood planes, it’s one of the most geographically secure locations in San Francisco. This is where more fibres come in than any other data center in the world. We have over 60 carriers that we host, which bring in connectivity; making us one of the most significant internet PoPs in the world. This is a data center where we’ve hosted some of the biggest enterprises, some of the biggest social media companies, some of the biggest media companies, some of the biggest carriers. This facility has the security, reliability, and availability that can host mission critical applications and we are proud to say that our local government, the City and County of San Francisco has trusted us since 2006.




Our Features List


Extreme Connectivity



We maintain top-tier data centers that provide extreme connectivity in major metro areas including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Ashburn, Las Vegas, Toronto and Vancouver. We are positioned at key network junctions, or 'carrier hotels' such as 200 Paul in San Francisco and One Wilshire in Los Angeles. Our transit consists of multiple Tier-1 bandwidth providers. Furthermore, we route traffic over major Internet backbones with plenty of network capacity for maximum reliability and scalability.



Colocation is about providing uptime, with one of the most critical component being power. Our full service facilities and engineering team design, deploy, monitor, and operate your critical systems. To deliver power, this includes redundant power distribution architecture all the way from utility feed, generators, UPSes, and PDUs. Power distribution highlights include:

  1. 250+ Watts per square foot
  2. Redundant diesel generators that provide power backup
  3. (N+1) / 2N UPS architecture
  4. AC Power – 1, 2, or 3 pole at 120V / 208V + 15A-225A circuits
  5. DC Power – Nominal +/- 48V
  6. Monitored PDUs for in-cab power distribution
  7. Redundant power available in all configurations



Cooling Architectures are fundamental to achieving high power density cabinet configurations. The following architectural features allow us to ensure that our cooling systems are running at maximum efficiency:

  1. N+1 CRAC units for cooling uptime
  2. Raised floor designs
  3. Cold-aisle containment
  4. Anemometer flow monitoring
  5. Cabinet temperature sensors
  6. Data center temperature sensors for hot-spot detection
  7. Short-cycling mitigation

Efficiency and Green Data Centers


Our continuous improvement processes to ensure that UnitedLayer operates a green data center means that our facilities teams are working on projects on a continuous basis to reduce the Power Utilization Efficiency (PUE) of our data centers.

In conjunction with our local utilities, we mitigate our carbon footprint by using cooling strategies such as Air Side Economizing that reduce cooling related equipment usage by significant amounts. We achieve this through constant measurement; monitoring and adjusting airflow and temperatures throughout our facilities.



Beyond providing redundant power and cooling, we know security is at the top of your list of factors to consider. We enforce both physical and soft measures to protect each and every one of our customers. These include:

  1. Gated buildings with exterior security cameras
  2. Security personnel on staff at all times
  3. Badge and biometric access
  4. CCTV digital surveillance
  5. DoS mitigation
  6. Two-factor authentication
  7. Custom locking cages
  8. Locking cabinets
  9. Motion detectors and custom bars on cages




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Headquartered in San Francisco, California - one of the most networked Internet points of presence in the world - UnitedLayer provides its customers with Hybrid Cloud Hosting Expertise, offering colocation, managed services, public and private clouds and business continuity solutions.



  • San Francisco Data Center
       200 Paul Ave Suite 110 (HQ)
       San Francisco, CA 94124
  • Los Angeles Data Center
       530 West 6th Street
       Los Angeles, CA 90014
  • Las Vegas Data Center
       7135 S. Decatur Blvd
       Las Vegas, NV, 89118

  • Ashburn Data Center
       21715 Filigree Court
       Ashburn, VA, 20147
  • Toronto Data Center
       27 Buttermill Avenue
       Vaughan, ON Canada,
       L4K 3X1
  • Vancouver Data Center
       555 West Hastings Street
       Vancouver, BC, Canada,
       V6B 4N6