IT Estate Assessment

We have experience in delivering end to end Datacenter assessment of hardware’s End of Life (EOL), End of support (EOS), for servers, routers, and console managers, etc. Ability to migrate existing assets to new footprint or to new standard. IT Assets Assessment to efficiently migrate to the new datacenter or to a new cloud. This ensures that mission-critical systems can continue to run optimally. Because we believe that maintaining the peak levels of infrastructure available in today’s economy isn’t just good policy – it’s expected.

We provide Asset, Energy, Power, DR Planning, Security Audit, and Standards-Compliance third party auditing report on your hosted infrastructure & deliver a compliant infra and third-party audit report as a service.

Depending on your organization, and the types of data your data center processes and stores, there are many standards and guidelines to follow. A few examples: PCI: to ensure that acceptable practices are in place to protect credit card data HIPAA: to ensure that protected health information is stored and hosted online in accordance with HIPAA hosting standards, and that stored data is protected and available only to people who are authorized to view them. Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX): to ensure proper management of electronic records

An audit to verify standards compliance results in documentation that proper policies and procedures are in place to meet requirements set forth by these standards.

Audits for other standards can also be conducted: SSAE 16: to measure data center controls relevant to financial reporting, SOC 1: to measure data center controls relevant to financial reporting (similar to SSAE 16), SOC 2: to measure security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy controls, SOC 3: documentation of SOC 2 compliance along with a seal of approval for use on websites and other marketing materials and documents