A Cloud Migration Strategy Tailored for Your Business

Unitedlayer’s cloud migration services can seamlessly migrate your applications, data, and infrastructure to cloud. Our experts can help you build your migration strategy, assess your application portfolio, review your cost structure and identify the best-fit cloud platform for your needs. Whether you’re migrating to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform , we have the experts who can help make it a success.
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Depend on our experts to build the best migration strategy for you to achieve goals.

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Free up your IT resources to concentrate on core business areas while we manage the infrastructure.

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Partner with is to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase performance.

Pre-migration planning: Assessing your current IT infrastructure and determining the applications need to be migrated.
Estimation of Architecture: Determining the architecture to carry out the migration with minimal disruption to the business operations, at a lower cost and over the shortest period.
Solution Modelling: Customized migration solutions based on customer requirements ensuring minimum interruption to customer’s business operations.

MultiCloud Migration to any cloud