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Disaster Recovery (DR) Discovery

Do You Know When Your Site Will Be Back Up and Running?


A well thought out Disaster Recovery plan is an integral part of many compliance requirements - for example, the ability to retain certain types of data over a period of several years, or a Sarbanes-Oxley compliant solution, or ensuring that the geographically separate DR solution data that is being backed up via a secure VPN connection.

Two of the most important concepts that need to be considered for a Disaster Recovery plan are your RPO and RTO requirements, which stand for Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective respectively. However, for many companies, these aren't familiar terms or concepts yet.

That's why we offer our DR Discovery package. This service starts with a comprehensive consultation where we explore all of the different aspects of your company's unique needs, and ends with a tailor made RFP customized to your specifications, which you can then distribute to various providers and begin the process of implementing your vital DR strategy.



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The Discovery Process


With the DR Discovery package, we walk you through every step of the planning process, including:


We conduct a discovery meeting with you to determine your specific RPO and RTO needs.


Map out your application catalog and establish where departmental and hardware dependencies exist.


We put together your recommended virtualization package.


If needed, we can also manage the entire process, including performing backups at regular intervals and monitoring for system failures.



Blackstone Technology Group Requires Instantaneous Recovery After A Disaster


Blackstone is an enterprise class SaaS solutions provider for the oil and gas industry. It serves the worlds’ largest oil conglomerates. The business is 24/7 and it is critical their Oracle-based SaaS application be up and running without any downtime to ensure that the commodity flows through their pipelines to their storage fields and gathering fields via the online application.

Blackstone was looking for a hybrid-cloud solution across different geographies, which could host enterprise class applications. It needs to maintain multiple copies of their database so they were always able to recover in case of database corruption. It needs a hosting solution that spans multiple geographies with very high compute, storage, latency, and security.

UnitedLayer deployed a private cloud in San Francisco and a Discovery Recovery site in Las Vegas with a full rack replication across different sites. It needed a DR site that was fully capable of switching over at a moment’s notice on activation.

UnitedLayer worked hand-in-hand with Blackstone’s DR team to uncover detailed requirements about its DR objectives, ranging from RTO (15 minutes) and RPO (~2 hours). Blackstone even brought it its own security officers to examine UnitedLayer data centers to confirm the level of security lockdown and security protocols would meets its needs towards satisfying data safety and integrity.




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