Increase the ROI of a new infrastructure, Cloud, HCI or any new technology by quickly migrating your applications and data.

UnitedLayer solutions provide application mobility without constraints. UnitedLayer delivers migration and recovery of any virtual, cloud, physical, or containerized application and server, at the push of a button.

UnitedLayer’s cloud migration services seamlessly migrate organization’s applications, data, platforms, and infrastructure from on-premises to cloud. Thus, we free up your organization’s to focus on your core service areas instead of infrastructure maintenance. We provide following services to accelerate your business:
  • Automate and migration process

  • Migration between  private cloud and  public cloud services.

  • Migration between VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack and Nutanix to public cloud.

For application migration, we have designed a multi-phase process that comprises:


Pre-migration planning.


Estimation of the architecture.

Solution modeling.


Execution and testing services.

Post-migration activities.


Data image format modifications.

Management of OS  drivers to match your new environment.


Redefinition of system capabilities.

Planning and coordination of complex interdependent systems.

We realize the challenge in delivering business applications and services rapidly while ensuring expenses are tightly controlled.The present trend is to migrate on-premise applications and workloads to cloud. Our migration services are reliable, secure, and efficient and require minimal downtime. These migrations can be P to V and V to V for Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, OpenStack, or Nutanix AHV or system migration to a private or public cloud.
We have tools and processes to offer multi-cloud migration services:


In case of deployment to a public or private cloud or movement to a hyper-converged infrastructure, migration can adversely impact the benefits that a new platform is expected to provide. To overcome this problem, during the migration process, we ensure complete protection of data and applications. To minimize migration duration, we decrease the amount of data transferred on the WAN. Our maintenance of business operation includes simple rollback when needed, consistent image at the destination cloud, and almost no data loss. We conduct testing of the migrated data and applications without causing any impact on the production environment.

The UnitedLayer Advantage

Any source to any target policy. You can utilize our services for physical infrastructure such as Windows and Linux, virtual infrastructure such as VMware and OpenStack and cloud providers like AWS and Azure.

Migration’s run from any site or cloud across WAN.

All services are agentless.

Migration support for applications such as Web servers, Oracle, SQL Server, and Exchange.

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