Aaron Hughes - How Should an Organization Deal with BYOD?

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How should an organization deal with BYOD?


“Treat them (BYOD) like they are not part of your internal infrastructure and protect yourselves against them.”


It’s now quite common for organizations to allow their employees to bring their own devices to their jobs, rather than purchasing devices for all of their employees. If your organization has a BYOD (Bring your own device), security is going to be a risk. With the multitude of different devices, services and apps currently out there, it is hard for IT to manage and control the mix of apps, services and device types. Not to mention find a way to ensure security on all. If your enterprise is BYOD, is your hosting provider working with you to ensure that these devices are separate from your infrastructure? These devices should be treated like they aren’t part of your internal infrastructure and treated as though they are going to hurt your infrastructure.

Make sure that your hosting provider can answer all of your questions about BYOD Security.


Find out more about how UnitedLayer is helping its customers protect their infrastructure. Watch Aaron Hughes, UnitedLayer Chief Network Architect talk about BYOD Security and what you need to know.



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